Manager: Lee Slater

59 Bethwin Road, Camberwell, London SE5 0XT  Map
t:  020 7701 8130
f:  020 7701 7332
e:  [email protected]

Bethwin Road is a post-detox, residential 12-Step treatment centre providing a 12-week programme of rehabilitation for men and women with drug and alcohol problems. Clients benefit from community living, peer support and gain life skills through participating in the running of this 16-bed Victorian house in Camberwell.

Our objectives

We aim to enable individuals to learn new ways of life free from chemical dependence and to fulfill their unique potential.

We achieve this by…

  providing a structured, professional therapeutic programme delivered by a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team. This is founded on the 12-Step integrated abstinence-based model and uses a holistic approach that recognises emotional, physical, educational and recreational needs
  providing a community environment with an ethos of trust, responsibility and respect
  helping clients to understand addiction as an illness and that personal responsibility for recovery can only be taken once clients have accepted it as such
■  acknowledging and respecting difference of all kinds

Features of our service

  Individual treatment planning with regular reviews
  One-to-one counselling
  Daily groups and workshops
  Art therapy
■  On-going medical care with the project’s doctor
  Relapse prevention classes
  Health education
  Life skills training
  Leisure activities
  Kairos encourages the use of self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other 12-Step fellowship meetings
  Holistic treatments such as acupuncture, massage and meditation classes
  Family visits are encouraged
  Family therapy – professional counsellors support family members in understanding the nature of addiction, identifying their role and the concept of co-dependency within the relationship

Eligibility for Bethwin Road

   Initial referral by phone from the client or professional (usually from the client’s social worker)
  All applicants must have been detoxed and be committed to staying clean and sober for the duration of treatment. Detox is not provided at this location, clients must be at least one week drug and alcohol free
  Clients are usually expected to attend for an assessment visit. If this is not possible, assessments by telephone or prison visits may be arranged
  Reports from other agencies may be required, eg discharge summaries, community care assessments or psychiatric reports
  Referrals are accepted from all sources, including self-referrals

Assessment and admission

  Interview to assesses client risk and suitability. The programme, client contract and house expectations are explained and prospective residents can see the house and meet other residents
  Client and Kairos assess suitability for the programme, agree date for admission on confirmation of funding
  Completion of admission documents and contract
  Introduction to peers and staff
  Handing over locker keys and showing client their room

Please note that there are no emergency admissions


The current cost is £600 per week.