Manager: Tim Penrice

66 Nunhead Lane, London SE15 3QE  Map
t:  020 7635 7664
f:  020 7732 2153
e:  [email protected]

The Garden Day Programme is a 12-week, abstinence-based, non-residential rehab programme for individuals living in the community who have substance dependency issues. We are located in the ground floor of a former corner shop and garden. We are two minutes’ walk from Kairos’s community detox hostel at Linden Grove that acts as a residential base for homeless clients who want to access the rehab programme after detox and stabilisation.

Our programme…

  runs 10am–3pm, Monday–Friday and is easily accessible by rail and bus
  is rooted in the 12-Step fellowships and focussing on Steps One, Two and Three
  is delivered by qualified, professional counsellors with many years experience of addiction treatment
■  provides a weekly one-to-one counselling session
  provides a cooked lunch daily
  is based around an individualised care plan drawn up with the client
  requires a client willingness to attend three fellowship meetings a week
  believes that group therapy is central to treatment and is a powerful motivator of change
  includes group therapy, relapse prevention, addiction, life story and step programme workshops; plus art therapy, meditation and leisure activities
  celebrates successful completion of the programme with a graduation ceremony and certificate
 qualifies clients on completion to apply to live in a Kairos Move-On house

Our goals

■  To help men and women learn new ways of living free of dependency on drink and drugs
  To provide a safe, trusting environment in which to grow and understand that honesty, openness and willingness are essentials for recovery and change
  To provide a professional therapeutic programme based on abstinence and a model of 12-Step rehabilitation
■  To support change, and to encourage clients to reach their potential for personal freedom and choice

Who is eligible?

  Men and women who are detoxed and committed to staying clean and sober, and who are willing to follow a programme of change
  Residents of Linden Grove who have local authority or private funding
Men and women from the community who can travel to and from Nunhead (SE15) daily


Accepted from professionals, agencies or from self; initially by telephone

Assessment and admission

  Normally assessment is by interview at the GDP within a week of referral
  Telephone assessments or prison visits can be arranged
  Client capacity, risk and suitability assessed at interview, and the programme and contract explained
  The need for abstinence and random breath and urine testing explained
■  Date for admission agreed and funding agreement requested
  Contract and other documents signed on admission


The current cost is £400 per week.