Aftercare Extra is a new six-month pilot course of group therapy designed for men and women in recovery who have completed the Kairos Aftercare programme.

The weekly group, lasting 1½-hours, will be facilitated by trained Kairos group therapists and will allow participants to continue to work through and resolve the personal issues underlying their addiction.

Research shows a strong correlation between successful recovery from addiction and length of time in treatment. It is Kairos’s experience that many of those who relapse in the immediate post-treatment period do so because of feelings of isolation and ‘what now?’.

Aftercare Extra will provide a weekly opportunity for self-development with professional and peer support – over a sustained period – at a time when many participants will be making the challenging transition from rehab to life in the wider community.

Who is eligible? Anyone who has completed the Aftercare programme and is abstinent. Referrals initially through Aftercare, with funding agreed.
Tuesdays, 5.30-7 pm, from April 2013.
66 Nunhead Lane, London SE15 3QE.
What will it cost?
£10 per week.

All inquiries: Contact head office by phone on 020 8677 7292,
or by email at [email protected].