An overview

Kairos provides four treatment services, plus a large network of supported sober-living houses. At every stage, we help clients, referrers and care managers to decide what is the right service or combination of services that will be the best pathway to recovery for the individual.

1 First stage: abstinence-based Linden Grove community detox hostel with accommodation for up to 24 people, regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

2 Second stage: the Bethwin Road rehabilitation care home is CQC-regulated and provides a 12-week residential programme based on a 12-Step integrated abstinence-based model, which is tailored to individual client needs. Integrative group work, one-to-one therapy and workshops are incorporated into this programme that takes up to 16 people.

3 Second stage: the non-residential Garden Day Programme providing a 12-week, 12-Step, Minnesota-model recovery programme for up to 12 people (Monday–Friday).

4 Third stage: supported housing. Our Move-On network of 29 sober-living houses with a total of 177 beds in 6 London boroughs. Residents are supported in their continuing recovery as they prepare for life in the wider community.

5 Post-rehab Aftercare Programme of therapy/counselling (12 weeks, non-residential, Tuesday–Thursday).

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Treatment service pathways

Eligibility & how to apply

Kairos Community Trust accepts applications for all its services from men and women aged 18 to 65, regardless of their nationality, colour, religion, class, disability, sexual orientation, marital status. However, Kairos Community Trust does not accept applications from people with a history of arson or who are on the sex offenders’ register.

Eligibility and admission procedures across our services, however, do vary and full details are given on this website for each treatment service and supported housing, along with contact details. Whichever service you wish to contact, in the first instance, please telephone.

Funding & costs

Linden Grove community detox hostel: Housing benefit is applied for on admission with help of a support worker.
Bethwin Road residential rehab: This is community care funding agreed with social services prior to admission. Social services will assess a client to make a small weekly contribution towards his/her treatment from their benefits. Private self-funding clients are also welcome. The current cost is £600 per week.
Garden Day Programme: This is community care funding agreed with social services prior to admission. Private self-funding clients are also welcome. The current cost is £400 per week.
Aftercare Programme: Usually funded by social services but private self-funding clients are also welcome. The current cost is £270 per week.
Move-on supported housing: Rent paid for by housing benefit.

NB  Social services will appoint a care manager who will negotiate and advise on all aspects of funding. If in doubt about eligibility for funding, check with the substance misuse team in your borough.


Kairos’s five-fold treatment services are founded on the 12-Step abstinence model of recovery enabling total abstinence from all alcohol and drugs apart from those prescribed by the doctor. Random drug and alcohol testing is in place.

However, Kairos recognises and accepts that addiction is a relapsable disease. Experience also shows that for some people it takes time and a number of interventions before they achieve manageable sobriety (abstinence).

Given the number of available Kairos services pathways, the Trust will now look at relapses on an individual basis and make every effort to accommodate the person at a level of service judged to be suitable and beneficial at that time. This will be done in co-operation and with the agreement of all relevant professionals involved, in particular, the client’s care manager. Finally, however, all decisions are at the Trust’s discretion and must take into account the safety of other service users and staff.