Manager: Nick Messikh

235 Valley Road, London SW16 2AF
t:  020 8677 7292
f:  020 8769 8885
e:  [email protected]

Kairos offers supported abstinence-based accommodation to people who have completed detox and rehab. Kairos has 29 post-rehab Move-On houses with 177 beds located in the London Boroughs of Brent, Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton, Southwark and Wandsworth. Residents are supported in their continuing recovery and steps towards life in the wider community.

Our mission

Kairos Community Trust believes that having completed rehabilitation, a person still needs to have support to enable:
  continued abstinence
  the development of a healthy lifestyle
  access to education and training

To help this happen, we …

  support each person in their transition from a highly structured rehabilitation programme towards a planned gradual independent lifestyle
  support a resident’s commitments to previous providers, eg ongoing counselling at Bethwin Road or with designated aftercare providers, eg day programmes
  provide each person with a support plan designed to help them maintain good general health, preserve abstinence, build on therapeutic experience, enjoy worthwhile social outlets and move towards full reintegration into the community
  offer continued positive peer support as a self-help mechanism
  prepare people for independent living
  help people develop support mechanisms so that they can remain substance free

The projects

Kairos houses are family-size houses in the community, ranging in size from four to 11 bedrooms. We have a strict policy of abstinence. The support is classified as low-support but a support worker is available 24 hours a day through our on-call system. We accommodate men and women.

Features of our Move-On service include:

  your own support worker
■  house meetings
  your own room
  your own key
  individualised support plans
  clean and safe houses
  your own licence agreement
  living with others similarly motivated
  exploring and accessing education/networking
  support into the workplace
  support around moving on and into independent living
  voluntary work
  leisure activities
  women’s group
  Second Chance group (supporting ex-prisoners in their recovery programme)

Referral and eligibility criteria

We accept applications from men and women who are:
  have substance misuse related problems
■  completed detox and a rehab programme
  willing to engage in a planned, appropriate and agreed period of support

Application procedure

For a referral form, contact the Move-On Team by phone, by letter or by email. Or download a form here.

Admission process

  Assessment is offered to a person in the four weeks before accommodation is needed
  Tour of a supported house, if requested
  Time given for informed decision to be made by client about coming to Kairos
  Agreed date for admission
  Licence agreement signed
  Induction and support plan drawn up


Our third-stage accommodation is mostly covered by Housing Benefit. However, this will depend on a client’s own financial circumstances. There is a small charge to the resident per week towards the cost of gas and electricity.