Kairos Community Trust, Mossie Lyons, beekeepers

Mossie Lyons and Kairos beekeepers: photo courtesy South London Press

The Kairos bees and their award-winning honey

As part of its commitment to the environment, Kairos has a thriving beekeeping project with five residents trained in beekeeping and nine hives in the gardens of three move-on houses. In 2010, honey produced by Kairos bees was declared the best honey produced in London in a blind tasting for the Evening Standard by beekeeper and BBC correspondent Martha Kearney. She scored it 5/5, saying, it had “a wonderful creamy flavour, almost like Scottish tablet/toffee, with subtle underlying scents of different flowers”.

The Kairos bees and their minders also merit a chapter in Bees in the City: The urban beekeeper’s handbook by Brian McCallum and Alison Benjamin.